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Miniature Spectrometer

Spectrometers are devices which measure the quantity of light across a range of different colours. The applications are endless since  monitoring light via a spectrometer is  a way to determine a variety of properties of a given target, from its chemical composition through to its temperature and concentration.


The use of spectral measurement is becoming increasingly common in the modern world. From simple colour measurement for everyday use in optics, through to monitoring pigments in paints.


These expanding markets and traditional sectors, such as pharmaceutical, academia and education,  require low cost flexible easy to use spectral reliable measurement solutions. With this in mind, IS-Instruments has developed a new range of miniature spectrometers. By using the latest manufacturing techniques we are now able to provide the system for a cost < £ 1000. The systems are Wifi enabled and are operated through an easy to use App.


Systems are designed to operate from 350 – 850 nm with nm scale resolution.

Key Features


• WiFI Enabled

• Ethernet connection

• Fibre coupled

• Compact Low Mass < 0.5 Kg

• Low cost < £1000