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Check out the IS-Instruments new flyer

Posted on: 13/12/2016

Check out our new flyer describing our range of spectrometers and laser-based instrumentation. You’ll also be able to see specifications for a few of our products.
IS-Instruments new flyer
Find it in our downloads section here

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Categories: Blog, raman spectrometer, Integrating Spheres, Miniature Spectrometer

IS Instruments Ltd. new partnership with Laser Lines UK

Posted on: 05/09/2016

IS Instruments Ltd. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Laser Lines in the UK.
Laser lines will distribute ISI spectrometer and remote sensing based products within the UK. These will include our new miniature spectrometer, integrating spheres and HES range of Raman spectrometers.

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Categories: Blog, raman spectrometer, Miniature Spectrometer, Integrating Spheres

Miniature Spectrometer AZOm Article

Posted on: 27/06/2016

IS-instruments releases a new article discussing, how spectrometers are being used in the modern world.  The article explores how our developments have been tailored to produce new low miniature spectrometer and integrating spheres
See the article here

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Author: Dr Michael Foster
Categories: Blog, Miniature Spectrometer, Integrating Spheres