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First Stage Testing of our Low Cost Products

Posted on: 16/03/2016

In this blog we discuss the advances that we’ve made in our low-cost spectrometers and integrating spheres. After months of development, these products are taking form and functioning well as they near product launch.


The images below show these products connected to each other by an optical fibre.

low cost spectrometer and integrating sphere

To investigate the performance of these products we acquired a spectrum of a Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED. An image of the light emitting from the RGB LED is shown below. 


RGB LED light emission


We inserted the LED into the integrating sphere, which was fibre-coupled to the mini spectrometer and acquired the following spectrum. 




Here the different wavelengths of the LEDs may be observed (~465nm(blue), ~525nm (green) and ~630nm(red)), along with their lineshapes and intensities. The integrating sphere ensures that the light from the three LEDs fill the fibre equally allowing us to reliably compare the intensity of the three colours using the miniature spectrometer.

This concludes our first stage of testing of the products. We are happy that the miniature spectrometer and the integrating sphere are functioning as expected and although more testing is required, the products are expected to be launched in May.

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