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Welcome to IS-Instruments

IS-INSTRUMENTS is focussed on the design,development and manufacture of  compact, remote sensing instrumentation.

We are now pleased to offer the world's highest throughput / etendue low cost spectrometer providing a 100 fold increase over standard Czerny Turner solutions. The system is ideal for Raman applications and for coupling into larger remote sensing instruments.

Our products are built around core technologies including:

ISI's mission is to develop our space heritage and space technology to produce a range of low cost remote sensing products.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best solution to their problem, which may include off the shelf or bespoke systems, whichever best suits our customer's needs.

Our customers benefit from our flexible approach to instrument development to solve the end needs. Providing a real cost benefit to your business.



Latest News-  

Transmission Raman measurments made in the Infrared 

IS-Instruments uses 3D printing to produce bespoke optical assemblies

 HES 2000 Spectrometer compared to marketing leading Czerny Turner instrument in Transmission Raman configuration 




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